Lawyers in Turmoil - Collector's Edition

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Releasing July 2020

‘... a dense, engrossing and vivid historical account ...’ Justice Edwin Cameron

Judge Rogers draws on a wealth of published and archival material to present a lively, occasionally provocative, account of the lawyers caught up in the Jameson Raid – in the dock, at the bar, on the bench, behind the scenes. Was Kotzé CJ as faithful to Kruger as he would have us believe? Did the Pretoria bar’s future leader, Ewald Esselen, belong to an anti-Kruger Boer fifth column? Was Johannesburg’s Jim Leonard QC part of the conspiracy’s inner core or an innocent latecomer? And how should we judge his brother Charles, a leading attorney, who managed to evade trial? These and other questions are explored in a work full of drama, incident and anecdote.

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